Viñedos del Plata

Our Company

At Vinedos Del Plata we are passionate about our land, our vineyard and the envoironment and how we can harness nature to produce the highest quality grapes to be used in our world class wines and to supply grapes to other high quality wineries in the Mendoza region. 

Our dedication and passion run throughout our entire operation from planting the vineyard through marketing our products.

Our History

The tradition of cultivating vines comes from the old world when after World War II an Italian immigrant, Don Elio Gubinelli arrived in Argentina where he found some land with all the conditions to produce the highest quality grapes.

Currently the property is managed by Elio’s children, Marina and Juan Gubinelli along with a new partner, Laurence Noble who believed and invested in the development of this project. 

With the help and support of our agronomist, our winemaker and our dedicated vineyard staff we are able to control the quality of every aspect of the product from  start to finish and have produced a world class Malbec at an affordable price point.

Viñedos del Plata

Viñedos del Plata